Disclosure Policy

This disclosure page is a way to share with you some information you may not already know, I do receive free product and occasionally get paid for text links within blog posts, not to mention I also am an affiliate for many companies, which simply means if you click the link and purchase something I get a small commission. These paid opportunities may help with keeping all of my weblogs maintained, but overall I do not get rich off of you clicking on a link found within any article on my weblog.
  • I DO accept payment to share a deal, discount code, giveaway, press release or similar at times.
  • I WILL NOT accept payment to positively promote a product I don’t think is a great product.
  • I DO accept free product in exchange for an open and honest review.
  • I DO follow my high moral standards when accepting a paid or non paid opportunity.
  • I WILL NOT be paid to be quiet, push sales nor anything that is unethical to my personal beliefs and morals.
  • I Do link to this disclosure policy within a blog post that may be sponsored by payment, product or similar.
  • I Do accept paid links within blog posts.
  • I Do have affiliations with numerous products and companies through Amazon, LinkShare, Logical Media and similar sites and these links may be found within a majority of the content on Moms Vacation Land.
  • I DO NOT disclose when said affiliate links are used and DO include at least one affiliate link within every blog post.
Basically within every blog post at Ask Brandy Ellen you will find some form of paid affiliate link or keyword sponsorship. The paid posts at Ask Brandy Ellen that include a product review will always have an post disclosure clearly stating that the product was provided for free, however, posts that are personal in nature and simply link to an outside website will not have an additional disclosure as I am not endorsing them or asking you to visit their websites or check out their products. I am simply paid to insert their link within my weblog.

So if you see a link within a post you can assume about 90% of the time I was paid for that link unless it’s to a friend’s website or a link to another article of my own, in that case I am simply linking to show my support to others in the blogosphere.

I accept pitches from PR firms, twitter friends, Etsy shops, big business, little business and everything in between. I enjoy being pitched, I enjoy taking on an opportunity to work with a variety of businesses. I also am not afraid to turn a pitch down if I am not comfortable with the product, if the product has no value to my readers or family, and if the person who pitches me sounds like a spam artist.

Ask Brandy Ellen will continue to be more of a personal weblog than a review central station, however, there may be times when I accept paid opportunities and feel that you, the reader, have the right to know this fact.
What can you expect from Ask Brandy Ellen? I can answer that with my core values:
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Creativity