Monday, July 10, 2017

Working Through Hormones

Being a girl is miserable sometimes. I can clearly see that my body is aging even though my mind swears I am still in my 20’s. As October nears, I will be 36 years old. While I don’t feel as if that is OLD per say, heck my other half is going to be 47 and I don’t even think of him as OLD, I can tell there are some changes with me that are a sign of aging. A huge part of the aging changes is hormones. 

I admit I am a naturally sensitive person. I can get my feelings hurt easily. While this is truth, it is sort of a pain in the butt when you are also a confident, happy go luck woman. My hormones are all whacky which is making me feel unlike myself. I decided to stand up and figure it out! Take time to be me. I have requested this week off from as much client work as possible so that leading into a weekend without kids I can try to recoup and get back to being centered. 

Sure hormones are medial, meaning it’s not something I can just magically fix, but I can fix my environment to be more relaxing just long enough to get back to feeling centered. I have an amazing life, I have three awesome kids and my other half does well to try to adapt and I do my best to adapt with him. I have someone who I feel comfortable will grow with me and I also feel comfortable growing with him. I love what we have, but with these hormones I am starting to just not like anything.

More often than not I want to curl up in a ball and just sleep. As a woman, who is aging, I get this is normal. I have spoken with female friends, I have watched friends go through this. It’s all about reducing your stress levels and doing what is necessary to get back to feeling fresh and centered in life. This week my mission is to work through writing and relaxation with hopefully the end result being an amazing, relaxing weekend with my other half so that I can feel like me again and start next week off as Brandy Ellen.

I am looking forward to spending this week bringing the happy go lucky me back and feeling centered again. Sure, I will still have work to do after all I am an adult who has to help bring income into the home, but I will have minimal work to do as a means to enjoy motherhood and life with my love so that after one week … I shall be me again!

I say if you are struggling with hormones, stress or simply feeling off centered, do not be afraid to ask for time off. Sure bills need to be paid and other things come up but there’s only one chance at being you and finding your inner happy! Make sure to put your own balance first, because without you being balanced, everything else falls out of place quickly!