Sunday, July 9, 2017

Make it Count BIG

Sometimes we live in this reality of peace, love and happiness. I have often used these three words as the motto for my life as a mother. I wanted positive words to inspire and uplift the kiddos during any bad moments. I knew going into motherhood that times would get difficult, that as my kids aged I would have to adapt and adapt I keep doing. Being a mom is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. When everything else around me crumbles to the ground, I can pick myself back up because I know there are three kids looking up to me. 

Remember even though it may seem like your teen or toddler isn’t watching your every move, they are. In a world gone negative, I try to be the inspirational light of being imperfectly human for my kids. I want them to know that I mess up, that I cry, that I get angry and that I feel with all of my heart. I want them to see that mistakes will be made. I want my kids to see that forgiveness of yourself and others can help you heal. I want them to know a genuine apology goes a long away and a hug can go even further. 

As times get hard, I find myself keeping emotions within and then crying more often than not. Things going on have left me wondering what decisions were good ones recently and which ones need to be adjusted. I have no idea what tomorrow brings, but for today I live for the family. I know sometimes my positive attitude allows me to see the good in evil but I wish for once I could see the evil, admit it’s evil and move on. My positive attitude can occasionally mask the real wounds that need to be fixed.

With all of that being said, anyone can have real peace, love and happiness. The key is to know that it starts with you and trickles down within the household. Emotions are a beautiful thing, if you need to sit back and cry – do it! Always allow yourself to cry it out when needed, I have found a long, deep cry can totally refresh your soul and allow you to move on in peace, love and happiness. 

Take time today to spend quality time with your loved ones, know that the kids will only be around for so long before they head out to create their own life. Sure they may come to visit and you will still be able to speak with your kids, but the times of being the example, their guiding light and shoulder to cry on goes by far too quickly. Take advantage of every moment you have and if you feel something isn’t a good fit for your parental life – let it go! You only get one shot at parenthood, make it count BIG!