Thursday, July 20, 2017

Actions Speak Louder Than Words ... Pay Attention

It’s so funny how people will say things. They will say them over and over again. It will convince you that what they say is truth. Here’s the thing about people, watch the actions. If you are feeling like something is off or things have changed, stop listening to the words that come out of someone’s mouth and hear what the actions tell you. The lack of hand holding, kissing, conversations without yelling, the back and forth actual engagement on any topic, the discussion of an actual future, the tags that used to happen where they were totally happy for all that you do for them. You still do all of those things, they may not have to lift much of a finger, yet their end of things has changed in such a way that words no longer mean a thing. The words sit in your mind creating utter confusion, like how can one really think that you are that blind? Things are different and in being different they have caused numbness, you don’t really feel anything anymore. 

I suppose this not feeling anything anymore is good, at least you no longer get mad. It’s great to not have to get mad anymore, but it is odd that the other person can’t seem to admit verbally what actions already told you. No more is the time together something to look forward to. No more do you two do anything together that’s of value. The actions are gone. The words of “I do really love you” sit in your mind like why would someone say that? Are they trying to convince not only you, but themselves of this to be true? 

Personally I won’t share my thoughts here, but I will leave this here. Remember to watch actions, but also take into account anything extra that may be going on. Love is love, and we are imperfect human beings. Times will get hard, but if you have felt less than, not a priority and not loved … for a period of time that extends beyond reason, perhaps it’s time to really pay attention to the actions vs words spoken. Words are easily said by anyone and the master manipulator will know just what to say to keep you right there …. Wondering enough to stay.