Thursday, May 25, 2017

Water your Love

It’s like one just gets comfortable and everything that used to happen doesn’t happen any longer. Those moments that made you fall in love, desire your partner and yearn to simply hear them speak. The moments that were there when you both were trying to gain each other’s heart, isn’t there anymore. It’s like when two people finally have each other’s heart, the neglect to nourish the relationship. This happens often in relationships, and it’s quite normal, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many relationships stay strong for years because each have learned how to pull the other back into their arms without much effort. 

You see once love has been created, you won’t have to work so hard to maintain the love but you do need to water it every so often. Things like doing something your partner normally does, making sure you two have time together during the day, and ensuring that you both have time to talk about things that each holds important. Those little things will nourish the love and relationship allowing it to last long term. 

While life gets busy and demands get higher, surprises happen and often you find yourself exhausted you can’t let that keep continuing on. If you continue on in the path of neglecting the relationship you will soon find the connection fades and what’s left is two people who committed to each other but don’t have that desire to make the relationship stronger. They simply give up, they get tired and maybe just maybe they take for granted that the love is there. 

Eventually people get lonely in a relationship, it happens to the best of couples. What you do with this feeling is what makes or breaks the longevity of the relationship. So today I invite you to think about the state of your relationship, is it going strong? Does your partner seem connected or withdrawn? Perhaps something happened in your relationship that diminished the happy moments and both of you are feeling content. While many will say content is the way to be, for that’s the key to longevity in a relationship sometimes people need more and desire more. There’s no reason why you can’t take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, “what can you do today to make the bond grow strong again.”

Once you take a look and see the happiness fade from the face of your partner, it may be too late, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Try to do those things you used to do, like alleviating some stress from their plate today and watch as they wrap their arms around you happy that you made them feel important. Whatever is going on in your relationship, you have to take time to water it or it will fade and die out. That’s simply a matter of fact when it comes to relationships, dry spells can ruin a relationship if two people can’t discuss that dry spell and work towards making it better.