Tuesday, April 4, 2017

When Anxiety is High and Gut Instinct Speaks to You

When you’ve experienced enough scenarios in your life to know when something is off and not right, your gut eats at you. You hear words that make everything all right, for the moment. You keep telling yourself that the words are true, but you’ve been here before. This situation feels all too familiar. Your anxiety creeps in and your gut is a mess. Yet you keep being told it’s all in your head. So you believe it’s all in your head. 

Do you wait years before it all unfolds, give in and believe you are thinking this stuff up? Do you go with your never failing gut and do what’s necessary to feel right again? These are tough questions sometimes. You want to believe life is simple and while it is in many ways, it’s not in others. You’ve heard one too many mean words that while not spoken in angry tones, they were spoken. You’ve heard one too many words that mark you as the crazy one, not able to move on from the past. Yet you have this feeling eating you up where you know, you just know something doesn’t fit anymore.

If you are in a situation where your gut instinct is telling you that you must make change and you can’t seem to have a steady period of time where you feel good, it’s time to make change. People come and go. The world changes and people do too. The person who’s telling you that it’s all in your head, isn’t deep within your soul to feel what you feel. Stop letting the words of others get in the way of your truest, deepest feeling that something isn’t right. 

This feeling that something isn’t right, that something doesn’t fit for you doesn’t have to mean anyone is up to no good, it can be as simple as you are in a scenario that doesn’t work for you. This doesn’t make either of you bad people, but when it starts to consume you to a point your anxiety is on high then you must adjust and make change to be you again. There’s no point in staying in a situation where your anxiety is fueled and you can’t the other person to see your side, how you feel and why you genuinely feel something’s not right. 

Work hard towards your future in a way that will better it, whatever that may be. Stand firm in decisions that allow you to get back to being whole. Stand firm in putting yourself first because when you are put second by anyone including yourself, things get off kilter and slowly you wilt away.