Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Only Mammals that Don't Listen to their Gut - Human Beings

Everyone has to make decisions based on their own experiences. It’s simply how human beings are. We are wired to not really hear the warnings or advice others are giving us. Sadly, this is what can lead to a bad path. Here’s the thing, everyone has their own wisdom to bring to the table regarding situations or people. I also firmly believe that two people are completely different when placed in different environments. For example, your ex may have been crazy with you but given a chance with someone else, who may be a better fit for them, they are a person you don’t even recognize (in a good way). 

Here’s the thing, you are ultimately the only person who knows what your gut is telling you. If you are spending time praying, watching the signs and everything is pointing to a scary or bad path then you and only you have to make a choice. Someone who isn’t a good person will not sit back and take kindly to what you have to say. Sadly, I am learning that break ups are cupcakes and rainbows. I have literally walked away from everything on multiple occasions simply to keep my sanity. I don’t do the whole freak out breakout, I am really over it. I take time to think about actions, words and what my dreams come to tell me. 

While I won’t divulge into my personal details as to why I think it’s important to listen to your gut, I can tell you this – my true gut instincts and ability to sense another person’s aura or energy around them has never steered me wrong. What steers me wrong is the feeling that I truly love someone and care about them. I have a hard time letting go when I should, when things spoken out loud all point to that protect yourself scenario because this isn’t going to turn out good. I like to think there’s some craziness in my dreams or subconscious playing tricks, while this could be true. One never knows for sure.  How I choose to live life is to go with what I know, again we all base our life upon experiences we have had, our beliefs and what we feel is right for our self.

I will end this with … if you are concerned for your safety, your sanity or fearful of another person you have let into your life please try not to wait until it’s too late. Speak up, seek counseling, whatever you need to do to sort out the thoughts so that you are able to make an intelligent decision based on reality. Our gut instinct is there for a reason and it has been proven that humans are the only mammals who don’t follow or listen to their gut. 

Good luck in all you need to do in life, you are strong, brave and you got this – whatever “this” is for you.