Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Respect One Gets for Being Honest

Do you ever have that feeling of wanting to believe something yet it doesn’t quite match up with all that you know to be true? How about a time when someone told you that they did something, perhaps it was an act of kindness yet you realized that didn’t fit in with their true character? There are many times when someone in our life may indulge in a little white lie, usually this is a way for them to get you to think higher of them or for them to feel good about doing wrong. Sadly, little white lies that don’t fit into the mold of a person’s true character can leave you with a bit of broken trust.

Whether you are thinking about a family member, a friend or a partner in life; those little white lies that you feel within your soul to be told to you can damage any relationship. The reality of life is that we all are allowed to be who we are; never should someone pretend to do or be something that they are not comfortable with being. I firmly believe it doesn’t matter how in love, caring or concerned you are for another person; everyone deserves the utmost respect and honesty in life.

I have had my trust levels broken; I remove those people from my life. A true fact about me is that when trust is broken, even in the tiniest of fragments, I will no longer trust that person. I am not sure why I am that way; maybe it’s a protection mechanism. I do believe once someone shows they are capable of telling a big lie or white lie regardless of their logical reasoning behind it that they are capable of telling larger lies.

I have worked hard to remain an honest, loyal and dedicated person in love life, family life and friendship. Once someone damages that connection, one in which I felt was based on honesty, they won’t ever be the same in my eyes again. I am willing to change this pattern of who I am, only because I am somewhat unrealistic in my expectations of others, maybe?! I don’t know. I do know that big lies won’t ever settle with me, but when someone tells a white lie, one in which isn’t harmful as a whole may be easier forgiven and moved on from than a large lie.

I think that we all deserve to put ourselves as a priority, to validate who we are, what we believe in regardless of others understanding that or not. Life is far too short to live in an uncertain way, I prefer to remain confident in my decisions and feel whole each day. When trust has been damaged, it can turn me into a crazy person. Trust being damaged to me is a HUGE deal as I am one who can handle anything so as long as you are completely honest with me. I always tell my family, friends and partner that I’d rather you tell me the truth, let me handle the immediate emotion and come back from that scenario. The reason being is that when a truth is told that’s hard to bear, I will ultimately rise above it and handle it better in the long run because the person had the decency to be honest to me.