Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Celebration of Life Event for my Grampa

I had a very interesting conversation this morning with my youngest. My son is six years old, he attended my Grampa's funeral, he also went to the wake where it was open casket. This boy of mine is very curious about everything in life so why would it surprise me how our conversation went to day ...

Conversations with Kids

Me - "we have to go to a celebration of life event later for Great Grampa"

K- "is that the Grampa who died?"

Me - "yes"

K- "what is a ceremony"

Me - "it isn't a ceremony, it's  a celebration of life. Basically a get together with food and stuff to remember Great Grampa. It was his birthday this month to, he died before his birthday came"

K- "I think it makes more sense to do this after his funeral."

Me - "I suppose, but no not really. This is different. Besides we did have a little gathering after Great Grampa's funeral, remember?"

K- "yeah. Well if it is a celebration for him, shouldn't he be there? It's pretty sad he is dead and can't be there"

Me - .......

K- "That's okay he will be there in spirit and he is in spirit above me right now."

Me - "That's right buddy, Great Grampa will be there in spirit."
Have your kids every been so curious and matter of fact about the death of a family member?