Wednesday, October 8, 2014

You Need to Slow Down .... You Can't Get This Moment Back

As a parent one thing comes completely natural to me, sure there are times I have to remind myself to do this, but 99% of the time, I do remember the most important part of being a parent is to ...
Slow down. You cannot get these moments of childhood back with your children. You only have one chance at childhood memories with the little people you call children of yours. Slow down. Take in every moment and relish in the fact that your child adore you in this moment.

I watch as many do not slow down, I see the disappointment in their child's face, in the moment that their child realizes the parent isn't slowing down for them. I watch as children go from happy, giddy smiles to a frown face when they look up and realize that their parent clearly wasn't' paying them any attention in this happy-for-them moment.

You Only Have One Shot at Childhood #slowdown

My children are my world,  my children do not rule me, but they know they are of high importance to me. My children know that I will make time for all three of them, they know that they each will get undivided attention at various times within the day. I have an 8 minute pretend play session instructed by my youngest six nights a week before bedtime routine. I have 15 minutes with my first born, at least five nights a week before bedtime. I have at least 15 minutes of time with my middle child six nights a week. I do my best to ensure the children each know they hold a special place in my world and heart.

I love that slowing down for my children comes naturally to me, I truly believe I was meant to be a mother. I have such deep maternal instincts, I am the provider, the boo-boo fixer upper and the Mom who can jump in puddles or dance in the rain with my three. These moments that I take to slow down and be one with my kids, every single day, is what has allowed them to have a deep level of security, trust and happiness in life. I cannot imagine wanting it any other way.

I do not feel that my kids are a burden, I do not feel that anything, other than a roof over our heads & things we need, place value over the time I spend with them. I want my children to look back on their childhood and think, "Our Mom did everything to be sure she played with us" because isn't that what childhood is all about? Playing?

Parents - you only get this one shot at childhood with these little people, please, I am begging you, slow down. Shut off your mind, put your parent hat on and at the end of each day, make time for those kids. If you can't make time all day, at least designate a specific amount of time that you simply let go of all your adult junk and be one with your kids. This is truly something that can make or break a child - having that time with their parent being one with them!