Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Overwhelming Feeling That Comes with Lack in Writing

I have told many people; writing is my therapy. It's no joke. Even back in the day when my Mom made me mad or upset, she would literally get this long letter. I recall many a moments when my mother would tell me "you should write a book". Of course, back then I was a bit better with grammar and punctuation than I seem to be these days. I laugh because I am still that way, to this day, writing has become an outlet for me. Between writing and walking I am able to function with a positive attitude, take either of those away and it's a disaster.

I find my thoughts racing. My world overwhelming and as of late, my anxiety started picking up again. It's difficult to live life when you are not doing things that help you live it fully. Writing is my outlet and I haven't been writing. I am active, after all I have four kids here at the home, two really active boys and two teen/tween girls who keep me busy on my feet most days. It's the lack in writing that has allowed my brain to be consumed with all of the changes in our household. The lack in writing that has allowed me to have a cloudy brain.

Today, I am thankful to be back into writing. School is back in session, no more full days of being Mom. While I miss Summer dearly, we had such fun around here, I do enjoy having these days to write and I love that my work revolves around writing. I firmly believe that everyone can help their own self if only they keep an open mind and become aware of what makes them tick. For me, writing makes me tick. Even if I click delete after type something up, I feel better. I feel relieved and I feel the anxiety slipping away. That doesn't make me unable to discuss my issues, because anything that is fully bothering me, is able to be discussed in a proper tone and proper way when I get it out in words through writing before approaching the person directly.

So today, I say cheers to writing again and I live you with a question ...
What makes you tick? What is it that gets you through tough times and rough days?