Thursday, September 4, 2014

I forgot My Son's Snack for First Time Ever

There is so much going on at my household these days, that for the first time in four years, I forgot to pack my son's snack in his bag. This is my son who is high functioning autistic, so he is in that habit of at snack time the snack is in the front of his bag with a drink. Every. Single. Day. I have not missed a day yet. It's not something I forget as I always get lunches and snacks packed up the night before.

I get this phone call, from the school guidance counselor, and here I see the number on the caller ID thinking "oh dear Lord please do not be my youngest crying and having a hard time after he went to school so fine this morning" and nope. It wasn't about my youngest. It was about Aj who was starting to or having a meltdown over the fact that his snack was not in his bag where it was suppose to be. Combine that with the late night bedtime due to soccer last night and you have one child who is not in a good state of mind.

Luckily for Aj, this is why I work strictly from home. To be there for my kids. Times like this, when my son does need a snack to hold him over until lunch or else he would be a bear. Times like this when the school knows my son is autistic and we need to do something to alleviate his frustration/sadness over something.

So I did what any work at home mom would do, I ran inside, noticed his snack was ON THE COUNTER and said "oh my gosh, it's on the counter, I have never ever forgotten his snack. I will be right there." It took me all of five minutes to get down there, I met the guidance counselor at the door to the school and handed off the snack and drink. I felt so bad about that and I am sure after school I will hear all about the "why did you forget my snack, Mama. You never forget my snack" from my honest Aj who can never hold back his questions or matter of fact points.

Thank God I am blessed to work from home and Thank God I am getting better at not giving myself a hard time for something as little as this happening ... because otherwise I would be a wreck right now crying. I do pray that things slow down around here so that my mind is not so full I forget the little things like a snack for school packed in the bag.
Have you ever forgotten to pack something for your child's day at school?