Monday, February 17, 2014

Sucking it up And Enjoying Wintery Outdoors with Kiddos

I am not one for Winter. I prefer to hibernate in the comfort of my warm home than go outside and do anything. As my children get older I have found this mindset really isn't beneficial to them, I have two kids who are snow bums and one who can go outside on occasion but doesn't last long. I have had to become a Mom who sucks it up and goes outside on occasion for exercise and fun in the snow with my kids.

Sliding in the NH Winter time with my kiddos

It makes my kids happy that Mama is involved and interactive in their lives. My youngest and I were the first ones outside to make a new sliding trail down our backyard hill. This is our first year in this house for Winter time so we wanted to break it in. It was fun to see how fast we could slide down the hill, each time aiming to make it further down the hill than the first time. Smiles and laughter commenced.

Smiling Boys Enjoying NH Winter Sliding

Then my middle child came outside and pictured above he is actually laughing in that red spider man hat. I love when my middle son laughs because of his mood disorder, we rarely get to witness such joy in his face. My middle child had a blast sliding with us too, taking turns with his brother and me to enjoy some fun in the warmer day of this Winter in New Hampshire.

NH Free Winter Fun Sliding Outback

Last but not least, my daughter joined in. Sadly she was looking a little glum because her Dad was on the way and she wanted just a little bit more time at home with her siblings before venturing off to the weekend with her Dad. My daughter had a blast though, it's just that she wanted more time to slide. Kids usually don't want to pause their fun for anything, that includes leaving to go to a visit with their other parent.

Overall this was a fun event and I am so glad I got off my couch and went outside to slide with them, because this is a fun memory that will last in their minds always. Sliding is fun, it's just the cold snow that isn't so fun for me!