Thursday, November 21, 2013

101 Questions about my Aunt Robin from the Five Year Old

My five year old, the youngest around these parts, was all curious the other morning before school. I actually had time to take a shower, so in the shower I went to get ready for school drop offs when my son came in with a marble. This pretty glass green marble. I am not sure where this marble came from but all of a sudden my five year old says
Mama I think this came from your friend, that friend who died. That gave you those statues you have in your bedroom.

It took me a minute to determine what friend I have had that died, because no friends that I know of have passed away. I asked him again who he was talking about and what statues, then it dawned on me. My son was talking about my Aunt Robin. When I was about five years old my Mom's sister passed away. Even though I was only five years old my Aunt Robin along with my Aunt Michele used to do a lot with me. I have many memories still close to my heart, bright as day in my mind of my Aunt Robin. Which is funny because I actually have a horrible memory.

The statues my son was referring to are the Raggedy Anne and Andy ceramic figurines that I have. I have a lot in my home that used to be my Aunt Robin's because family has given so much to me that was her along the years and I cherish it, it is kept out of reach and is something my kids know not to ever touch.

I went on to tell my son that the "friend" is actually my Aunt Robin and is also his Great Aunt. My son nods his head and then the conversation goes on for at least twenty minutes. Question after question about my Aunt Robin, some of which I couldn't answer. I told him all about how his sister and I used to go up to Aunt Robin's grave every year to pay our respects. Then I had to explain what "pay your respects" means. I then had to answer questions about death and what happens after they die.

This little man is obsessed with King Tut, so he wondered if Aunt Robin was a mummy? What happens to her body? What happens to her bones?

I was happy that my child was showing such interest in a woman who may have passed away many years ago, but is still held close in my heart every day. I answered all of his questions to the best of my ability and the conversation ended with him wanting to go to my Aunt Robin's grave and leave flowers.

I firmly believe my Aunt Robin is watching over me and is making sure I am safe. I feel her daily within my heart and I know she is there, somewhere, somehow watching me grow each day. Watching my children grow each day. It must have been a little piece of her in my son's mind that morning to get him to engage in such an in depth conversation about her. I sometimes wonder what my world would have been like if she had been in our world just a bit longer, she was one amazing woman with many talents but I do believe she is a part of my every day life, even if only in spirit.