Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl

On October 8th my daughter turned 11 years old. On October 7th and the weekend prior she was with me but on October 8th and the weekend following her birthday it was her time with her Dad based on our visitation schedule. Over the weekend prior to October 8th my daughter went grocery shopping with me and saw this ...

Funfetti Pink

My daughter wanted me to buy this and make cupcakes or a cake on Monday for her since she wouldn't be home on her birthday. I said I would try to get back to Market Basket on Monday during day and hopefully be able to make cupcakes or a cake for her.

I never made it back to Market Basket. I wasn't financially prepared to buy frosting and cake mix. That's just how it is sometimes in our life.

funfetti cupcakes

Then the following weekend that my daughter was expected to be at my home and have a birthday party on that Saturday, I had the extra to buy this 99 cent frosting (I thought it was MORE than that in price before) and some funfetti cake mix.

I surprised my daughter on that weekend she was with me with cupcakes as she returned home from school. This was my way to say "I didn't forget" and to make up for not being able to do this the week prior. Having cupcakes Friday night was also a great way to start off the birthday party celebration weekend!

Cupcakes for the Princess

You have to have fun sometimes and splurge a little on the yummies in life ... that was what this was all about! Well, that and making my daughter smile big for her birthday weekend.