Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I have Ninjas Living on my Ceiling

My sister came over a little bit after my boys celebrated their fifth and seventh birthday, this was so she could give them a present. We met at the school and she handed over one package of crayons for each boy as well as a Ninja Turtle Coloring book for each. In addition to those items, my sister had picked up these Ninja toys that were little men with sticky hands, legs and feet ...

Ninja Birthday Present

My sister wasn't quite sure if the boys would like their presents but as soon as they got out of school I told them auntie had given them something for their birthday and it was on the front seat of my van. The boys entered my van and were so excited that they had to open the Ninja's up right there. My oldest boy was more interested in the coloring book and crayons but the youngest? He was all about these little sticky Ninja's! Both boys were so happy to have the gifts my sister picked out for them, so I had to text her that they love them so much and that we now have Ninja's living on our ceiling.

Ninja House

I have to wonder if these Ninja men are actually now a permanent attachment to our home because they have been hanging from our ceiling in the house for weeks now. I don't mind, the boys think it's hilarious that we have Ninja men living on our ceiling so I keep them there. They have stayed sticking to the ceiling for longer than I  ever expected.

Kudos to my sister for choosing the perfect gift for her nephews, she is a rockin' auntie!