Friday, September 27, 2013

Everyone Parents the Best they Can - Celebrate That Love

I think of the Same Love song by that band Macklemore when I think of how competitive and judgmental parenting has become. Formula feed and you are the worse parent in the world. Breastfeed and you are the best. Co-sleep and you are a horrible parent risking your child's death. Put your child in a crib and well you are putting them at a risk for SIDS. Is there not a thing a parent can do that is right these days? Parents live in this fear of what they should put out there because too many people judge and are "better than" the other parent. This is insane people. What happened to neighbors helping neighbors, parents supporting parents? No wonder so may parents are feeling so depressed because they are judged for their every move. Our country has become more about "who's better than who" than just "co exist and respect each other as individuals".

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Every parent has the Same Love for their child. Who cares if someone chooses to co-sleep, formula feed, give their kids food choices you don't agree with - those are their children, not yours, deal with it. I am all for each parent educating other parents on rights versus wrongs. Educating on why some foods are truly not good for people or children. Share your personal opinions backed with facts and the other side could share their opinions backed by their own facts. It's really as simple as; there is a truth behind every opinion you can share to defy what you are saying. When another parent is flat out putting their child in harms way, neglecting the, abusing them either emotionally or physically - okay step in.

If a child is happy. The parents are happy. Then why be such a meanie about it? I say kids are the meanest in this world to each other but lately I see adults acting just as mean to each other. It's almost as though we have done lost our minds. Case in point; I have been an on and off again cigarette smoker for many years. I never smoke a cigarette in the home my children reside in. I have not smoked cigarettes in the vehicle with my children. These are healthy choices I have made for my children, who shouldn't have to have lungs filled with crap just because I have an addiction I keep going back and forth with. With that being said, I try my best not to pass judgement on parents who do choose to smoke in households and cars with their own children. It's not healthy but those are not my children. I am not the boss of other parents.

When my children ask me why other parents do things that I do not do, I simple say " every parent is different. I choose to do or not do certain things while others will do those things and it's okay because that is their life and their family. It's not my job to judge nor tell others what to do with their children or life". By having that mindset it has taught my children to judge less and accept more.

I think that as parents we all need to come together and celebrate the fact that we all have the Same Love for our children. That is what this world needs more of; love. So why  not pat a parent on the back today and tell them you are happy that they are doing a great job, after all every parent does the best they know how and just hope something clicks with their children so that the children grow up to do their best as well!