Thursday, August 15, 2013

Looking for Cash for Your CD's, DVD's and Games?

All too often I end up in a place where I did not budget the money coming into the home properly, or due to lack of work from my clients at home, we need to be light on spending extra cash. At times we may not even have the money to buy our normal grocery routine, such as the items I need to make items from scratch rather than boxed foods. These are times when we look into what we can sell around the home that we may not really need in comparison to things we need at the moment to survive; such as food, electric, mortgage, etc.

 Sell your DVD's for cash

When times are rough for so many families, be it all of the time or an occasional financial funk, it's great to know there are websites where you can get cash for your DVD's.  I have a wide range of DVD's that I kept over the years because there have been times in the past and I am sure there may be in the future when we no longer have cable television as a way to save money off of things we don't "need". DVD's are great to have on hand for that but when the electric needs to be paid in order for me to have access to my PC for work, then the DVD's do not seem to hold as much importance. When times are rough or when I feel the house is cluttered, I have zero issues with selling off old games, DVD's and even old CD's if I can find any.

I love that the site Music Magpie allows you to get cash for such items I referenced above. It's really easy to use Music Magpie too, if you visit their website and insert the bar code from the item you are looking to get cash for, they will give you a value. While not all values are sky rocketing high, you are trying to sell anything you can to accumulate cash so think of it this way; no matter what value a website like Music Magpie gives you, it's going to be more than you can get selling it at an online yard sale or using other sites to sell person to person, never mind all of the hassle of spammers you have to deal with when trying to sell on a person to person line yard sale scenario.

It's just nice to know we have options when cash runs low.