Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thinking About Taking a New Hampshire Vacation?

There are so many amazing places in New Hampshire to visit for the day, a weekend or even a week. I live in New Hampshire but I absolutely love staying here and going to the White Mountains or traveling to the seacoast to witness it's beauty. Thinking back to a place that I loved viewing a few years back was North Conway, it is a beautiful little town with train rides, local shops and places to stay for a weekend or even a week. Before traveling to any place you do need to make sure of a few things:

  • If a family trip, make sure there are attractions for the full family.

  • If planning to stay be sure to look up hotels prior to going to ensure you have a place to stay.

  • Check the weather beforehand and pack accordingly.

  • Make a fun time with the road trip; bring crayons & paper, play I Spy or Traffic Bingo.

Sky Photos

North Conway has many attractions to visit such as the Cathedral Ledge and the Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center. There are activities to do such as the MWV Moose Safari, Stables at the Farm by the River and International Mountain Climbing School. Before you plan this trip be sure to look up North Conway hotels to ensure you all have a place to stay while visiting!