Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Believe Every Mean Person Can Change Up Until a Certain Point

We start life off as innocent, sweet little children so ready and willing to accept everyone, to trust without fear and to simply take life for what it is. No questions. No worries. It's all about loving life and loving people. Then something happens, our environment we grow up in and our friends and our outsiders at school, eventually that sweet, innocent child turns angry. The anger builds when not given an outlet to talk to or such as what I do, write. That is one thing my Mom always told me I should do, write a book. My Mom knew that whenever I was upset with her she would be able to expect a long letter citing my issues or what not, even apologizes, came in the form of a letter. Writing has simply been a lot easier for me than talking when it comes to confrontational situations. I have worked hard to change that, getting better at verbally confronting situations but writing is still my number one outlet.

With that being said, since I went from a very angry person inside to this happy, positive minded person today, I have this firm belief that any angry, mean person can change. Heck, I believe any person can change if they want to, whether for the better or the worse. My Dad did make a good point to me recently though, once people hit a certain age that is who they are. There is no changing them. I do believe that to be true as well. Let's say by the time you are into your 30's and you still are that angry, bitter and mean person well then I do not believe you will come out of that, I think that person will go to their grave angry, mean and bitter.

I do have hope. Hope keeps me going. As it should most people.

I have seen first hand what a smile, a hug and a kind gesture can do for a person. When you see a person down and out, be nice to them. When you are being waited on by a grumpy cashier, be extra nice to them with a genuine smile. Tell them to have a nice day. Make it something automatic that each time someone waits on you that you are genuinely nice, no matter their mood. You will see that their mood will lift during that process. I have seen it and it warms my heart.

I believe if you have a friend or family member that is having a hard time finding their happy that you can show them the way back to a happy place. Back to trusting people again. Some may need therapy in addition to your positive friendship while others may simply take to your kindness, bubbly and happy attitude. Even though many take to who I am today, others still do not take to it 100% and I can tell they need deeper help than what I can offer as a simple happy person to be near, look up to and be friends with.

Mean people can change. Mean kids can change. Remember to be kind, but to not allow disrespect either and in turn you will see that even the meanest of the  mean ... can change for the better if they have someone to help open up their hearts and see the world close to what they saw when they were that sweet, young, innocent child.