Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Kids Will Forever Come First

MOntshire Museum of scienceI am not one to be afraid to walk away from anything if it means that my kids and I will most benefit from a situation. You see, I am a huge promoter of always being at your best. I live my life to find my happiest place and to really know what I need to remain happy.

This is not to say I am not sad sometimes, that I don't go through various forms of depression when things get extremely challenging. I am human. I am not perfect.

With that being said, I am queen of ensuring that no matter how hard something is to decide or to follow through with after a decision has been made, that I will stick with it and follow through. This may take a long time, sometimes years, but I do it.

IMG_20130315_150932In turn, my kids see that I always put their happiness {and mine as well as ours as a family} first. This is why my kids and I are so close knit, positive and outgoing. We just have this amazing dynamic and I will never, ever let anything come in between that to break it.

Think about the Mama Bear seeing you happen upon her cub, she will fight tooth and nail to keep that baby safe, even if you meant no harm. That is how I fight - to remind myself that others in our world may not mean harm to us, but as a means to continue to live in this happy rhythm I have worked so hard to create for my family, I will fight at all costs to ensure the balance of kids, family and adult time remains.

There is something about having that balance in your parental and personal life that really helps make things work well together. I love that my life  simply flows naturally, and that the kids are happy kids because of how hard I work to remain positive, happy and healthy!