Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Poem - Long to Have you Love Me


I long to have you hug me, let me cry
Be the one who doesn't judge nor pry
I just want you to love me for me
Even if we sometimes disagree.

I want you to experience inner happy
To see the love I see without being too sappy
I long to feel as if you love me
without treating me unfairly.

I love you dearly, so much so
That I have moved on and let go
If people are meant to have a bond
Life will allow that to become.

Written by:
Brandy Tanner
April 17, 2013

For some reason sad poetry comes to mind when I am at my most challenging moments, for this instance I am having hormonal issues so that explains the sadness and longing in a female way. This poem is not written to anyone nor for anyone in particular - it's simply words on paper (or computer screen anyways).