Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Raising Little Card Sharks

My middle child has always had a thing for games, so I decided to begin with various board games and then we moved onto teaching him chess and so on. Card games were a great way to switch up our game time together without causing an issue with him becoming bored. Recently his favorite game is Yahtzee and it's a great game because he learns how to quickly add the numbers on the dice together.


The new thing that my son has been doing is wanting to keep track of his own score card. This is an exciting thing for him, to be able to read the score card and determine his score is also assisting in encouraging his reading skills. Overall I have been happy to see that my kids love to play board games because they are a fun together family thing as well as they teach skills they need to know in school too without being too stressful for them.

My middle child is so amazing at games and wins nearly every time. I just love how good he is, someday he will be a great card shark or at least continue enjoying the tradition of playing board games with his family in the future.