Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Rules for a Kid Sleep Over

My rules for the kids having a sleep over is pretty much; there are no rules. Well okay so they can't go running around wild without any supervision from an adult, but for the most part there are no rules. In my opinion a sleep over is something that is meant to be a fun time for all. Between popcorn and movies while staying up later than you normally are allowed and then to sleep in the next day because there is no school is quite simply part of enjoying childhood.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big kid at heart so sleep overs are a fun thing that I let my kids do, my younger boys have yet to have a sleep over but there day will come. For now the sleep overs really only apply to my social queen daughter who has had plenty of sleep overs. Being that my daughter is gone every other weekend and twice a week makes it hard sometimes to schedule sleep overs and her to have special fun time with friends or family alone, I try my hardest to give her some extra time with friends after school on occasion.

This week is the perfect example, tonight my daughter will have a friend over after school. Before my daughter left on Monday to go to school and spend two nights at her Dads she requested that I please try to setup for a friend or two to come over on Thursday after school upon her return home. I wasn't able to get two friends but I did reach the Mom via text of her friend who comes over often and set up for that friend to come over after school.

For me, having friends over for play time and sleep overs really just helps establish that socializing outside the structure of school is important for children to grow. Children need not only grow in an educational way but in a social way as well. With sleep overs my child learns that she is to let the guest have first choice of activities, movies, etc and in turn she learns to let go of her leadership control skills. A sleep over and play time after school are great ways to encourage a bit of freedom and trust with kids while still monitoring them to ensure things don't get too out of hand.