Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not Given More than We Can Handle

There is saying, somewhere or a belief that God shall not give us more than we can handle and honestly if that is the case, He places a lot of faith in what this woman can handle. This past month has been full of trials and things coming up to put life and work off kilter just a bit.


For starters, my younger kids school had a water pipe burst, creating a flood of a mess in their school. The school shut down for a full week and worked quickly with the wonderful help from our community, school officials and parents. It certainly amazes me how great my town is when it comes to getting together to fix something or help others.

Next, there was February vacation, a week off at end of February where the kids were all home for a week yet again. This time it was all three, not just the two little ones.

During this time, my ex husband was changing jobs so he was training for his new job on first shift, thus creating a change needed in visits with the boys and my work schedule flip flopped, if existed at all during this time. No more having the little one gone all day once a week combined with a half day once a week, nope. This meant that the boys would go with their Dad for a few hours each evening, two nights a week. This wrecked havoc on bedtime routine and the boys schedules in general, as well as mine.

Now, meet my current challenges that have arisen, been looking for a rental home for a while now. Having no real great luck but keep looking. I am hoping that as the weather warms up, more rental homes will become available. Currently have one hopeful option, just been playing phone tag with the landlord. Along with looking for a rental, my car has decided that it is no longer my friend and keeps giving minor, but random, issues.

Finally my work schedule is back on track with the ex hubs working nights and the boys back to a normal school schedule, but that was after this past few days of having influenza B in the home.

Each day brings a new challenge and I am just hoping that I come out of all of these challenges with flying colors. Actually, make that, I know I can handle this for God does not give me more than I can handle and each night I lay down to thank Him for what blessings I do have in my life. For no matter how much I can rant and rave about what's going on in my world, there will always be someone else out there in this world in far worse of a situation than me.