Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's Have a Real Life Talk about Common Sense

I can not even begin to tell you all how so many of the freaking arguments in this world could simply be solved with a little bit of common sense. I am often found shaking my head at the debates that play out in my life, my friends lives and online. Facebook is Queen {or King} for lack of a simple thing we are all born with but somehow lose along the lines of being stupid; common sense.

People Lack Common Sense

Common Sense is defined by Merriam Webster to mean "sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts".

While I am not too keen on this definition because it leaves things open to interpretation, the main point is that common sense is something that a grown adult who has a normal maturity level should be able to grasp. Lately with the signs of when and where to not use cell phones falls under the "use your damn common sense" category for me. People seriously use their cell phones when pulling into an oil change garage? People seriously sit talking or texting on their phone while being waited on by a teller at the bank? Come on people it's called common sense and common courtesy.

Have we lost our damn minds as a nation? I fear for the children of those grown adults who lack common sense, because they are only breeding children who will turn to be adults with lack of common sense. Can we please all just grow up a bit and realize that a little bit of both common sense and common courtesy would go a long way and in turn make us live in a more positive world?!

Thank you.