Monday, March 18, 2013

Does your Dog Cry when Human's Cry?

Pug Meets Baby

A little while back my sister and brother in law stopped by with their baby girl. My pug, having never really been around babies was not quite sure what to do about this bundle of joy found in our home for a short visit.

At first Jenny the Pug as all about checking out the baby's car seat and attempting to eat her pacifier or traces of formula that may have been left as just scents in the car seat. Next Jenny the Pug was acting sort of jealous, not knowing why her "mommy" was holding this tiny bundle of joy instead of paying attention to her.

Then, it happened, my baby niece started to cry a little bit, she was hungry. During the crying time my pug did something so weird ... she started whining and crying so to speak along with the baby. Jenny the pug was so distraught and bothered by this little baby crying.

Jenny the pug howling in a crying fashion. Baby crying a bit for food. Me, shaking my head and giggling wishing I could listen to how this pug responds to baby just a bit longer, but alas my sweet niece needed her food so we couldn't keep her crying for her food all to amuse my silly mind.

Do you have a dog? Does it ever or has it ever acted in such a way to a crying human before?