Monday, January 21, 2013

Creating Things with Origami

My daughter got into Origami a few years back and has learned how to make so many creative things with Origami that I am amazing with her collection. Since Origami is something I loved as a child, I enjoy that my daughter has a love of it. You can make swans, boxes and even make snakes with Origami. Want to learn how to make a Origami snake? This website showed me how; Totally neat.

Does your child show a love of Origami? We are lucky in that we attend our local library children reading program every Summer, this program includes various weekly crafts and sessions for face paiting as well as shows from magicians and others. A very educational, yet fun, Summer Reading Program where the kids get to partake in various crafts and get to read for a minimum amount of time while earning tokens. Each token can be saved and traded in for prizes in the prize cart. Also once the reading chart is complete, each child earns a free gift; such as an ice cream cone or slushy from one of our local stores/shops.

Origami is an easy paper crafting fun time for all, you can even purchase special Origami paper that is shiny, matte, glossy or plain. I recall as a young child having a huge collection of Origami. I no longer have my paper Origami collection, but that is okay because now my daughter has her own collection I can enjoy.