Thursday, January 17, 2013

Convinced Son to Meet New Baby Girl Cousin But...

My six year old son has been convinced that he is not having a baby girl cousin ever since my sister found out she was having a girl. My son kept saying that my sister is not part of our family and that because the baby is a girl it is not going to be his cousin. The kid sort of "likes" girls in school but overall is really more like "boys rule and girls drool" sort of elementary type of mindset.

Last night and into this morning I was trying to convince my six year old son that meeting his baby girl cousin would be awesome, that she is going to be so tiny and only weighs 7lbs but he wasn't quite convinced yet. His face looked slightly interested and then it dawned on me ... this kid has always loved feet! I explained how small this baby's feet must be and can you imagine seeing her cute little baby feet.

That is when my six year old son starting giggling, "I am going to tickle the baby's feet" ... I cracked up and said well you probably should ask auntie if you can do that, you do not want to upset your new baby cousin nor auntie.

So while I had my son finally convinced that meeting his baby girl cousin that was born yesterday would be a great idea, I get a call today and my oldest is out sick from school. I suppose I will meet my new niece when she is just four days old over the weekend because we can not bring sick kids around the new baby ... sigh.