Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What No One Told Me about Raising a Daughter

I have read all sorts of parenting books, mostly ones about raising girls, after all my first born is a girl and with that first born came this "by the book" mentality. Of course that "by the book" mentality has gone out the window since having two more children, both boys, but I still recall some things I read about raising girls. No book ever forewarned me of the hormonal changes that my daughter is experiencing would mess with my hormones. Not my mother, not my father, not a book, nothing.

And so I get welcomed into the ripe old stage of adolescence with having my menstrual cycle all messed up. The hormonal emotional roller coaster ride is nothing compared to having a period every two damn weeks. I would much prefer to be called mean every couple of days than to have to grit my teeth through cramping and my own mood swings every two weeks. This explains why I felt as if my hormones were off.

Not only is it the season of less sunlight here in NH but in my household it is the season of the daughter's body changes and with that comes my menstrual cycle and hers trying to 'sync up', a poor joke played on females who reside together by Mother Nature. So after a week or two of feeling so completely off balance with my moods, I woke up to have my menstrual cycle aka nonfriend. My nonfriend arrived two weeks early and I am not impressed.

I kindly reminded my daughter that she is grounded, her hormones have wreaked havoc on my hormones and it's not going to go unpunished.  Of course all I get is a laugh when I say that to the kid because she knows I wouldn't ground her for such silliness, but doesn't it sound good? "Sorry daughter, you are grounded to your room for fear that your hormones are trying to take over my own and that my dear daughter is a bad, bad thing".