Sunday, December 2, 2012

This is How We Roll @mcdonalds

Took the kids out to lunch after a trip to Dollar General today. I was so happy with how they behaved in Dollar General that I decided lunch out on my prepaid visa card I got for working would be a wonderful treat. So we packed up the car with the items we got a Dollar General and headed to McDonald's.

I am always a bit reluctant to bring all three lately to any restaurant to eat because the little one has been such a pain in the butt when out in public. He is extremely hyper and has been really testing limits. He disobeys safety rules often, and lately leaving me in tears of frustration, but he did awesome at McDonald's and before that did great at Dollar General. I was proud to take all three kids out to lunch.

Yes, as you can see in the collage I made above I do let my kids "play" with their food from time to time. They had fun pretending the apple slices that McDonald's puts in the Happy Meals were either a mustache or a beard or both, as shown on my daughter's face. The daughter also tossed out her toy on accident so the nice people at McDonald's gave her another one. We had a blast and it made for a day of fun for us as a family!