Thursday, December 13, 2012

Facebook Friends vs Real Life Aquaintances

I have a crap ton of friends on Facebook and the majority of them are blog buddies and/or past/present clients, but some of them are locals. That means there are some that I went to high school with, some that were friends with others in my life that connected or reconnected with me on Facebook while others are simply under the category of "I don't know why we are friends on Facebook".

When my personal Facebook account was started, it was more for the fun of marketing my writing to people and keeping in touch with family. I can talk to a variety of my huge family on Facebook at any given time and feel as if I am part of their lives, all because of Facebook. The issue I have been having lately is that dreaded unfriend feature. You see, I don't like to unfriend people on Facebook because it's like this huge deal, sure I can restrict them to avoid the whole "why did you unfriend me" conversation, but why restrict when you really have no interest in being their friend or they yours?

I accepted friend requests from local people lately, more so in the past year, because I honestly need more local friends. Nothing is worse than raising kids and working from a home office while never getting out to have a girls night or anything, so I thought Facebook would be a fantastic place to start making true friendships or at least some form of acquaintances. Boy could I have never been so wrong.

There are a few people who requested friendship or I requested theirs, in hopes of connecting a bit deeper with them or maybe connecting on a level known as being acquaintances, but silly of me to think that small minds would truly ever want to be more than spies on my Facebook page or just another number to say they are "friends" with me while I won't be friends with others in their "circle of trust".

Whatever these people have for a reason to be my friend yet not even acknowledge me in public baffles me. I have no time for the small town bullshit drama, and I have no time for their silly little games. I don't need to be friends with locals just to have a new number of friends on Facebook nor do I need their local drama. Some people never grow up. So if I unfriended you recently on Facebook, it has nothing to do with you personally ... okay well maybe it does but not in the way of who you are as a person, simply because maybe you need to sit back and ask yourself the same question I did "why are we friends on Facebook if I don't talk to them outside of Facebook when I see them?" I mean seriously people.

Facebook is sometimes very similar to the small town I grew up in and I live beyond that small town, I live inside the mind of a mother who is trying her best to be confident in a world where others would rather drag you down. I live in a world where my happy thoughts keep me going and no other person shall ever bring that down, because I would never do that to another person either. My real life friends must be somewhat on same level as me or else they do not fit inside of my life, that means Facebook too.

If I unfriended you and you really wanted to try to be friends, then look for other avenues of friendship people, such as acknowledging my presence and hello smile to you in public.

End rant.