Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When I Write My Day in a Text

When I turn my cell on in the morning, chances are a handful, okay less than a handful, of people will be asking "what ya doing today?". After I reply I realize that my day looks a tad bit insane more often than not and that maybe they didn't need every last detail down to when I might enjoy a nice HOT shower to breath that day.

What's up?

Not much just getting ready to get three kids ready for school. Drop one to one school, another to the other school. Bring the lil man to his Dad's.

... next text...

Then rush home, shower, do some laundry & dishes in between writing blog posts, articles and invoicing people.

... Busy Bee says the friend(s) ..

Sure of course. But it sounds so much more crazy in text, really I just wing right through it.


Now on a good day I normally will be like running errands so one day this is what I would have text, with a continuously long text message;

Dropping kids to school. Dropping lil man to his Dads. Running to bank for cash flow. Heading to next town over to pay a couple of bills. Running 45 minutes (driving) to pay another bill. Then back home to throw laundry in. Do some dishes. Sit in office, do some writing, invoice some people. Transfer money.

Then off to pre-k drop off for the lil man where I will meet up with him and his Dad because K-man enjoys Mama coming if she can on that day. Then back home to get an hour and a half of work and household chores in. Unless it's mid or end week - then maybe going grocery shopping while lil one is in pre-k.

Then back down to the schools to pick up all three kids and home to start dishes, dinner and bedtime routine.


There is no routine, no schedule and no rest when you are a work at home mom without a normal 9-5 type schedule for work, but I LOVE my life and I LOVE the fast pace lifestyle I live because there are days where it's not so fast paced and writing is my therapy so being able to "work" really means therapy and release of the thoughts in my mind.

I love my life, in the words of the four year old and ten year old, "for reals"!

I bet the UPS guy wishes he remembered not to ask me the ole "how are you today" question too ;-) That's another story for another day ...