Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What Happens When the Lights Go Out

When Hurricane Sandy was threatening to give NH crazy weather and it was washing out so many places on the East Coast, I was prepared. In some ways more than others. I was ready to get those boys to sleep in their beds before the flickering of electricity became no power. The reason being, I didn't want to have my bestie, my daughter, two boys and my dog all huddled in my room if I didn't have to.

I was unsuccessful though. Partially through the early bedtime routine with my four year old, the lights started to flicker and the boy shivered with fear of utter darkness downstairs. I have emergency lights but both of which are upstairs plugged into my bedroom outlet and the bathroom outlet. Never did I think those lights may also be important downstairs for the boys.

Then it happened, the lights went out and stayed out. The four year old ran screaming not sure he could see anything but luckily banged into nothing and the six year old jumped off of the couch ready to book it for my bedroom, if only he could see. Holding hands we ran upstairs while the daughter and Sheila got the emergency lights/flash lights and there we sat in a flashlight lit bedroom with three kids, two adult best friends and a pug.

What do you do when the lights go out and you are in a situation like this? Well you enjoy the time together. For my six year old it meant passing out on his sisters mattress I had brought into my room & set on the floor. The four year old boy and the daughter had other plans. They sat in the recliner and played on the Kindle Fire, telling stories to each other and simply making Sheila and I laugh so hard.

We had fun times. We had great times, but all in all when 10:30am rolled around the next day, we were all about having that power back on! The weird thing is that our power didn't go out due to the storm, it was simply our road with a tree on the line or something somewhere, so we were lucky for sure.

I hear there are still many without power from Hurricane Sandy and some without homes, I do hope that all will be settled as soon as possible for these homes and families out there. Sending love and positive thoughts for some peace and some lights as well as a home soon for all that have survived but are without their vital human needs.