Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Aging Process

I was tweeting with my like a sister friend @mommadjane the other day and all of a sudden we ended up on a brief talk about once she hit 30 all went downhill, and I had to think. Is this true? Once I hit 30 last year did all go downhill? Maybe so. Maybe Not.

One thing I know for sure is that this aging process takes more of a toll on my taste buds and stomach as well as body than my mindset. It seems the older I get the less food I can tolerate, sure I love things hot n spicy but my stomach? No longer cares for the hot n spicy, at least not the way I prefer it.

Sure I love eggs; give me an omelet, give me an over easy egg, give me scrambled eggs. Add sausage to the side, cheese and onions maybe even green peppers but after I gobble that down? You can bet that there is a 90% chance I will be laid up in bed the rest of the day fighting off major stomach cramps. I don't know what it is but the incredible edible egg is no longer so incredible to my stomach.

I am one of those will try anything at least once, with one exception - liver. I just won't touch it. So Dad and my daughter can eat it all up because I am all set on that. You would have to hide it in something for me to try it without realizing that's what I just tried - yes sometimes I can be like a little kid.

So now, I am 31 years old as of October 28th and I am changing yet again. No longer can I handle late nights and early rising. I want sleep and lots of it. I have been an early to bedder as I like to call it more often than not these days and then five in the morning when the boys decide it is wake up time, I am groggy but more awake than I would be had I worked all night and slept only a few short hours.

I am getting older, so says my body but in my mind? I am totally still 25 years old.