Friday, November 2, 2012

She Made me Do it ....

Sheila that is, the girl made me be all silly and crazy. I had to chase her with a shopping cart in Walmart. For reals. How dare she run away from me. Then I got distracted...

CHIPS ... and DIP .. oh my! Surely we had to pick that up for our campfire evening with no kids in celebration of my 31st birthday.

Meanwhile there were these two guys staring at us, probably me, because I was being loud and obnoxious. Geesh get me alone with no kids and I tend to be a bit loopier than I with kids.

Like this big kid that belongs in Toys R us, but I wasn't in Toys r Us, I was in my local Wamart with @sheilacakes7 who was calling me crazy n loud that day. I have no clue why but maybe, just maybe it was due to the chasing with a shopping cart experience.

Or maybe it was because when those same guys from the chip aisle found us again and were staring and I said "stop looking at me schwan". I swear I am a very responsible Mom but sometimes - like daily - it's good to let loose and laugh all in the name of good, safe, sober fun!

Good times were had in Walmart that day, I hope I never forget that day! But I have a horrible memory so I probably will someday not remember the whole story.