Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nothing Like Scaring You Away from the IUD

I have heard horror stories of the IUD, it's a birth control method in case you are not aware of what that is. I have always used the pill, been on it off and on since age 14 and it's always worked as long as I don't forget it - middle child was a "forgot my pill" situation, so I know how important it is to take your birth control pill every day at the same time.

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I decided with three kids and a busy work from home schedule I would look into the IUD as a birth control option since I wasn't really having sex it was not super important, but I figured better be protected "just in case". So I walked into the place I go to for my OBGYN type care and met for an IUD insertion. You see, I am 31 years old, a smoker and have blood clots (external ones) in my left leg - all three make me too high of a risk to be placed on birth control pills or at least so I was told.

When I freaked, near tears over listening to this woman tell me not only how the IUD would be inserted and the possible side effects but she went on to say that it's not common but during insertion they could  puncture the uterine wall. This is something that can also happen in the future when you are having sex; who would want to go on this thing after hearing all of this? Not to mention I was already scared to death over this IUD due to many friends having horrible problems with it.

Finally I said "I wish I could just take the darn pill" and that is when the health care provider asked me why I didn't think I could take the pill, I explained that someone there had previously said I couldn't due to my age, the clots and being a smoker. The lady was like "umm you can take non hormonal ones" that's when my face lit up and I asked if those were the same ones I would have taken while breastfeeding. They were/are and I am excited that I had another option beside the IUD because honestly I don't think I would have been able to go through with that.

Birth Control is a pain in the arse, but having three kids is a pain in the arse at times, couldn't imagine having to care for another baby. Of course life is life and if I had to, I would, but that is not on my future game plan. My baby is four years old and finally starting to be able to enjoy fantastic family fun, I love that. I am ready to be Mom to the three and move on with the adventures of raising older children as they learn to become their own little person!