Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just Bring it On, Why Torture me?

The first sign is the emotional roller coaster ride my brain goes on. The ups and downs. Every little thing starts to seem like some huge issue. The kids being their normal selves starts to get under my skin quicker.

My voice tends to be louder and I have little patience for anything other than perfect order. Life is not perfect. Life with kids is certainly never in order and always full of adventures.

Then the dull cramping comes, which lasts for a week. One whole week, if I am lucky, sometimes it's two weeks, of cramping, mood swings and torture! I often scream "just take my girly parts" I don't want to have the girly parts anymore. The parts that bring on this non friend of the month. Every three-four weeks this non friends visits me but first, for 1-2 weeks it brings on torture like no other.

Man, I like a little pain but this is insane..... why can men not have this non friend visit them?