Monday, November 12, 2012

I swear it's All Sheila's Fault

It's easy to pass the blame right? So today I blame @sheilacakes7 for the addiction I not only have to @drpepper but to Fritos Jalapeno Cheese dip and Doritos combination.

Yes. I am guilty of having gobbled down more than I should of these tasty combination treats... and it was Sheila who introduced me. I happened to put my finger in her cheese when she was sitting next to me on the recliner.

I started laughing so hard because I didn't even think twice before sticking my finger into her food she was holding. It cracks me up how rude I can be without realizing. The funny thing is, I hated these upon first try but oh how they have grown on me.

I must not eat too many though or I shall have risk of gaining back all of my weight lost.