Monday, November 26, 2012

Got My Butt Whooped at Cribbage Again

I am getting better at cribbage, the counting is much better this time around but I still lack that strategy to get good points. I was being coached last time on counting and it worked, I counted with flying colors but what happens when you are counting great but really lacking in points? You get skunked in cribbage. So I won one round but alas lost overall. Again.

So the thing I was coached on this past weekend was what to put into the kitty. That seemed to be where I was getting stuck and giving up some good points. I was doing better towards the end and think in a couple of weeks when I play again I will be all "game on" and kicking arse, but we shall see.

I will be sure to update you as I continue on in my adventures of bringing cribbage games back into my life!