Saturday, November 10, 2012

Get Over Yourself and Think Before You Speak

Ugh ... this topic really gets under my skin. I am caught doing it in my head from time to time. Thinking that upon that first appearance I know a person, or can judge them. But then I remind myself, how would I feel if someone were to do that to me?

What really annoys me is when people think that no one should ever be on welfare. Okay, I get it, in a perfect world we graduate high school, graduate college, get married to our soul mate, have a few kids and voila our life is just this huge story tale. Not so for everyone. For those who have had that and found it, that is fantastic, but it's not what happens for everyone.

What about that person who was raped and is now a mom? Finding herself with doing whatever she needs to do to help her stay on her feet and support this baby? Well there are times when someone may need that welfare as a stepping stone to the next direction, after all that is what it was created for.

When you are a hard worker, worked all of your damn life, find yourself pregnant then to find out the one you planned this baby with, and planned to be a stay at home parent with - is cheating on you? What do you do? Stay in this relationship with someone who can not be trusted? With someone who can't even admit this happened let alone try to move forward and allow the proper forgiveness period to set in?

Then you find yourself alone. With a baby. And no where to turn because after all you gave up that full time job to be a stay at home mom. Well you need to do what you need to do to get back on your feet - sometimes that does mean taking advantage of the welfare system to get back on your feet. I have learned that these welfare options today are better than in the past. They have job search help, they have classes (for free) where you can learn to create a professional resume (no matter how much or little you have worked) and they really help you get on your feet quicker.

So the next time you look at a person and judge them, just think - have you walked in their shoes? Is there story written on their forehead for you to know the inner most deep secrets of what that person has been through? No. So do not judge and never, ever say "I would never be in that position" because one never knows what the world has in store for them. Life is tough, but it's those that step up and fight for their right to have a healthy life that win every time!

Those that have fought hard and came out on top through all of their trials and tribulations seem to have the most attractive personality ever! I love hearing stories from those who have faced what they feel is the worse ever and overcome it to be happy, healthy amazing people and parents!