Wednesday, October 3, 2012

That Time of the Month When Non Friend Arrives

I have always called my period "non friend" because after all it certainly is not a woman's friend. You cramp. Your hormones are all out of whack. You are just miserable. Now if you don't have any symptoms, please do not tell me because I am liable to just smack you - not really. I am a lover but you may get an envious look ;-)

Each time that non friend arrives during the month I just want to hide. I am irritable and I am sad, my hormones feel so out of control. This time of the month reminds me why I hated being pregnant so much, I can not stand feeling like I am out of control with my own feelings and hormones.

It's as if my mind can not function properly one week every month and I do not like it. I really get all dramatic, sad, happy and just up and down. I am extremely irritable and tend to not get along with others. Parenting is extremely difficult during this time of the month and leaves me near tears most days.

I honestly would be happy if my girl parts were non existent, because whatever it is that causes me to have a period aka non friend isn't worth having if it messes with me this badly every freaking month.

End rant.... you may now move onto your regularly scheduled days .. thank you for reading :-)

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