Thursday, October 11, 2012

Taking Too Much Help Could Make you Weaker

I always say that I will give anyone my time. I have so much time but not a lot of money so as I work to try to give back more, I look for ways to give back time that will in turn give money through my time to other people and organizations but then it dawns on me, am I giving too much? I believe that one can never give too much to the true needy in this world but what if you are the one who is needy in some ways and refuses to take help?

I am a stubborn pain the butt, I refuse help often, even if it's just emotional support. I just am used to fighting and figuring things out - it's what makes me stronger and makes me feel as if I am accomplished. There is nothing wrong in this world with wanting to do everything on your own and to mind your P's and Q's to keep a little peace around the world, but honestly? Sometimes, just sometimes you need to stand up and fight for what you are due.

Like half of bills? Yeah, that is a biggie. I am famous of having let people just not pay their half just to be rid of situations I got myself into. I am famous for allowing people to walk all over me at times.  I will help them until I can't help them anymore and then I am drained; both financially and emotionally. I am feeling this lately, the lows from financial downs and emotional blues.

I just need someone to let up and give me a tiny break so that I can come back in 30 days with a WHAM, but alas, that is not how life works. Life doesn't cut corners or give you breaks, after all if that were the case then I probably wouldn't be as strong willed and determined as I am today. So keep fighting everyone, if you wish people would hand you more, think again, having too many hand outs will not make you a stronger, independent person but rather make you weaker and lazier if given too much too often.

I say work your hardest, never look back and forgive but don't forget and you will eventually see so much success in your world, all in time. Give but not give so much that you are taking from your own family. Love but be guarded. Live and smile because when you smile so does the rest of the world!