Saturday, October 13, 2012

Every Parent Deserves a Little Vacation

That sound so of whining kids first thing in the morning, wanting breakfast now please or time on the computer or for you to have as much energy as they have as soon as they roll out of bed; this is a normal every day occurrence in my home and it gets a bit frustrating after day in and day out of it. Having a frustration level rise isn't a good thing, it can deteriorate your parental patience levels, your mood and your health if you allow frustration to set in too deep for too long.

Listening to my sons go back n forth fighting, arguing, hitting each other, screaming about this and that is so frustrating and yet I hate having time away from them. Much needed time, may I add? I just love my children, both boys and my daughter, so much that to have a break from them seems like I am mean. I feel like I am a mom, so I should want to be smothered by my children at all times. But alas, some parents just don't have that option to be smothered and they get that every other weekend break. That is me. I enjoy my breaks but I must admit it is so hard to pull away from my boys.

For my daughter, I miss her dearly but she is an easy child without much that causes frustration within me. Sure she has a diva, tween attitude going on. Sure she debates with me, but maybe because she does it with a smile and is willing to accept any punishment that comes about from any unwanted actions without a huge complaint, I have little frustrations with her. The boys, on the other hand, can really take a toll on my parental patience level. It's not because they are bad, it's not because they are horrible boys, it's simply because they are boys. Hyper, energetic, need this and that now, kinda boys.

It's funny because as drained as I get from running and being active with the boys to keep up with their demanding lifestyle, I still hate to have a break. I know I need one, I know I deserve one, as do they deserve a break from their Mama, but it's so difficult to let go. Parenting is the one job in this world, aside from my work at home, that I seem to "get" and "enjoy". Never before have I had such a rewarding job.

I suppose, no matter how easy or hard your children may be on you, every parent (and child) deserves a little space from each other, because this allows you the time to miss each other which in turn forms a stronger parent/child bond for years to come.