Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Enough With the Excuses

It seems to me that society has started, in the past many a years, to accept excuses for people's actions. No more do we live in a world where good morals and taking the blame for your own actions is commended. Although this may sound negative, it's simply the majority of what I see when I watch any news station.

It is as if we have to blame someone else for something that is our own fault, or worse yet, no ones own fault. Sometimes in life there truly are just accidents and no one is to blame, not even yourself.

It's as if you need to start being sue happy because once again, everyone deserves a buck or two for free, right? I just couldn't imagine suing someone for something so stupid, if I wanted to make a company take blame and be held accountable for something that was truly their fault - me getting rich in the process honestly doesn't do anything except hurt the company financially.

How about the next time a company or another person is at the root of your excuse playing game that you take a look in the mirror, wonder how you can change from here and just get moving forward to make a real change? I think that is the best advice I can give you all today!

Keep smiling and move forward, after all, the hardest victory in this world is the one you have within your own self.