Monday, October 1, 2012

Conversation With The Daughter Regarding Money

My daughter only knows what she knows about politics based on what she hears in school and what others say to her on both sides of her family. I would think it would be tough to be almost 10 years old hearing about politics and then being asked to vote anonymously in school on which person you would choose for our next president. After all, children do not understand some of the higher up concepts in our world, even if they seem to grasp some of the concept.

The morning conversation before school, on one particular day, went something along the lines of my daughter stating that one presidential candidate wants millionaires to pay more taxes while the other one does not want to do that.  Although she had no clue which one was which, and honestly neither do I, we had a conversation based on my idea of hard earned money and who should get it. This wasn't a political debate between my daughter nor do I wish it to become one here, as I am talking straight up money - not presidential candidate options.

I explained to my daughter that I feel someone who has worked so hard, for example, a person like me, should not be forced to pay "more" per say so that others can sit back and be lazier. I am constantly juggling three kids and working strictly from home to earn a living, raise my kids and not have to pay a daycare center to raise my children. I then went on to say, "I couldn't imagine someone working as hard as I do to earn a living. Make it to become a millionaire and then just because I worked my butt off to make that kind of money, it is taken from me by the government to go who knows where."

The daughter nods her head at this point and agrees that I work really hard to make sure that my kids have a good life and all that they need. My daughter went onto say that she agrees I do work really hard and that some day she would want to work from home just like me. I nodded and said "furthermore, if someone has worked as hard as me and reaches millionaire status, then they should not have it taken from them by the government to put wherever the government deems fit. I personally feel that if someone worked as hard as me and met millionaire status some day that they should have the kind heart to give to others on their own."

My explanation to my daughter regarding "giving back on my own" versus "having government take more money just to try to make things "fair" between people" was that right now our economy isn't all that great, that "we the people" are in charge of our government but that is slowly stopping it seems. I am scared for my children's future, I don't wish them to live in a not so free country as adults and I sure as hell do not want to see them work as hard as I do, only to have extra money taken from them for they are harder workers than those who are capable of working but prefer a hand out.

I firmly believe that those who make enough money for their own family and have extra, mainly millionaire status people, then they should remain kind hearted and give back to others.  I know, in my heart and soul, that when I work up to a higher income status that I will give back to others. I will give back to those who can not work their own self, those that are trying their hardest to support their families but having bad luck, those that deserve to be given back to - which is many in America these days. I would gladly give back, but I want to give my money back to others in a way that I know where it is going, not being taken to go wherever someone else deems fit, supporting programs that I may not want to support or feel are only fueling laziness in others.

We are American, home of the proud, the great red, white & blue, let's all work together to lift each other up and do not ever let money change your heart. Each of us has a responsibility to help thy neighbor, help those who can not help themselves, not those who choose not to help their own self {that's a completely different topic altogether}.

Just a little bit of clarification: I am not saying people who make money, no matter the level of riches or poor, shouldn't pay taxes, I am simply stating that we shouldn't milk the millionaires as a way to make everyone "financially equal" because after all, isn't that why so many flocked to Amercia so long ago? To be a part of the home of the free, to have the ability to work hard and earn an income of their own without government milking them because they are working their arses off? That's the point I make here, that we earn our own money and life is not "fair" so why try to make things "fair". It is time to teach those and expect those who CAN work to get off their butts and WORK. I just don't see the point in helping those who DO NOT help themselves. I love the idea of HELPING THOSE WHO CAN NOT truly work or help their own self & family.