Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Are you Being So Grumpy?

That is the question I asked my four year old son the other night when after two days of complete grumpies, I had to ask what was up. While we read a story and he proceeded to grump it during one of his favorite books and while we sat on the sidelines at his brothers soccer practice while he grumped it out, I just had to know ...
Why are you so grumpy little dude?

His reply got me by surprise, here I am thinking either 1) he was going to deny being grumpy or 2) say a reason I would understand. Apparently what I got was something I never expected as an answer ...
I hate the day Mama. I like the night because {while he looks up to the ceiling with a smile} I love looking at the night sky and the stars and all of the planets.

I started laughing because between the answer and his facial expressions he was too cute. This was a serious answer to him, because when I questioned if that really was a good reason to be grumpy he was 100% convinced that it was.

So off to bed grumpy butt went and hopefully the next few days will show a not so grumpy four year old boy!