Sunday, September 16, 2012

What To Do To NOT Get The Girl {Funny Dating Tips}

Texting is great, it's one of the many forms of communications to get in touch quickly with people you like and love. This form of communication makes for fast paced conversations, privacy if in a room full of people and it can be addictive. If you want to not get the girl, make sure all that you do for communication with her is texting. That is a sure fire way to not get the girl.


Within the first few hours of speaking, ask her if she wants a picture of your penis, better yet just email or text it to her without asking so you can surprise her. This is a great way to find out if she likes your penis size and if that mushroom top is attractive enough for her vagina, after all, every girl wants to know what she has to look forward to on your first date, because all girls give sex on first dates, right? Sending a picture of your penis is a sure fire way to not get the girl.

Instead of waiting to actually get to know the girl in full, text her you love her and can't live without her. Make sure that this girl knows that she is the one for you even though all you two have said is "hi" "good morning" and "how are you" this is a sure fire way to not get the girl. After all girls love a man in touch with his sappy side, otherwise known as trying to get the girl in bed in less than an hour. I love you doesn't get you laid, especially if said via text, email or a phone call within just moments of speaking.

Let the girl know every sexual advance you are going to make on her, of course texting this would be best. Let this girl know just want you want to do to ravage her body because she will surely jump to meet you with that talk. Every girl wants to be ravaged on a first date, right? This is a sure fire way not to get the girl, unless you are trying to date a prostitute, then maybe, but it will cost you money for that one.

Last but certainly not least ..

Make up some story as to why you can only text her, because she already knows that the reason for lack of conversation is because you have a girlfriend or wife already at home and she is just your play toy. Every girl dreams of meeting a guy who only texts because he is on a leash with a current beau, after all that is every girls fantasy, being that home wrecker person. Sure fire way to not get the girl - try dating her while you are previously committed to another.

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