Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trying to Shake the Grumpies

I always tell my kids to shake their wiggles out but this time around it's me trying to shake my grumpies out. You see there is so much going on lately that my head is okay but my emotions are all over the place. Maybe my non-friend {that period that comes once a month} is on it's way, maybe it's the stress of having so much going on that even though I don't "think" I am stressed, my emotions are.

Whatever the reason, it seems lately I have a huge case of the grumpies more often than not. The strength I have within it's resting from the cold that is running circles around my home. I have been sleeping more but it's not helping with my emotional roller-coaster ride I am on.

I will just be happy when this week and quite possibly this month is over with. Too much going on and too much in my head. It's funny because the running for sports and school activities is not bothering me, it's all the extra emotional junk that is going on that is taking a toll on my mind. Also it's heating season again now in NH and that means extra money out of pocket. I am self employed, writing is my business, so that means trying to find more work to offset the cost of the oil for heat.

I will make it. I have faith all will come together soon, but for now I am just rambling to get thoughts out of my head to ensure I can keep moving forward and find that strength again. It will appear and stay soon, for now it only seems to be appearing in little spurts.