Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Pros and Cons to Single Mom Status

There are many people who put out there that they are a single mom and it works for them. The thing with stating outright to the whole wide world that you are a single mom is that it can backfire. There are certainly some pros and cons to using the "single mom" status and I am laying them out for you:

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  • Some people look down upon the single mom status, citing you are a welfare person just because you are a single parent.

  • Some people think that you may be a scatter brain, too busy to take on work for their firm because after all you don't have a partner to pick up the parenting slack if you took on more working hours.

  • The whole wide world now knows that you are single, opening the doors up to random people hitting on you; because after all you are single so surely you want or need to find a partner.

  • The whole wide world now knows there is a big possibility that you also live alone with kids; do I even need to mention the not so good outcomes from that scenario?


  • Some people will admire you for your strength and courage to raise your child or children alone.

  • Those who are single parents will be compassionate with you and understand just how strong a single parent can be when forced to raise the child(ren) alone.

  • Some firms know the power of a Mom and want to have a single mom on their team for they bring dedication, motivation and strength like no other; after all it's one parent who has to financially support the kids.

  • It opens the doors to interact with other single parents online that you may not normally run into had you not shared the fact that you are a single Mom.

What are some pros and cons you can think of to sharing your single Mom status to the world?